Order of appearancesEdit

  1. We all go up, introduce the topic and ourselves
  2. First T
  3. Then BW
  4. Then J
  5. Then K
  6. End

I and O(Thomson needs to know this well)Edit

  1. What are input devices? (show slide with definitions and sad face to show how important input devices are.)
  2. Examples of devices (show pics of KB, Mouse and Mic, draw beside them to show how they work)
  3. What are Output devices? (show slide with definitions and sad face to show how important input devices are.)
  4. Examples of Output devices (Printer, chip, monitor, VGA cable, speakers) points arrow to things it get info from.
  5. Both Input and Output (use interactive whiteboard for example, drawing random stuff on it like i am thomson, sad faces etc. and explaining how it is both input and output)
  6. Ports. What they are, and draw the sad face yourself with the pen, keeping the audience's attraction
  7. Different types of ports
  8. There are a total of 65536 ports in the computer, including internal ports, such as port 80, which is a port that is used by web browsers to connect with a server
  9. What is serial port ? What is Parallel Port? Explain male and female connectors if they don't know.
  10. USBs , AGP (take out USB to show what it is)
  11. lead in question on how devices connect to each other: answer motherboard
  12. Motherboard (what is it)
  13. Buses
  14. Form Factors
  15. Special Input and Output devices: Scanners(what are they)
  16. OCR and MICR
  17. Biometrics

CPU(Justin needs to know this well) Edit

C and N(Bok Wai needs to know this well) Edit

hit song from the musical CATS, MEMORY(Kenneth needs to know this well) Edit



Information about Video

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